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Must-have Pet Travel Essentials!

Pets are just as much a part of the family as the kids, and just like the little ones when it comes to traveling they require some essentials to make your trip easier. I completed a cross-country PCS about two years ago and there were a few items that came in handy while on the road. Since then I've stumbled across some really unique items that I now consider must-have travel essentials.

Some items that I consider a must when traveling whether by plane or car are definitely a quality leash, medications, and vaccination records. 


When traveling I recommend a retractable leash. Harnesses are also great choices and they can be more comfortable for pets during walks.


Aside from your pets normal medication, (if needed), I've found a variety of travel anxiety meds that can be a lifesaver. Anxiety medications can help combat barking, whining, pacing, panting, drooling and even destructive behavior.

 A unique item I recently found is a mobile pet bag.

This bag is so awesome and it has features such as lined carriers that hold food and treats, zippered inside pockets for secure storage, mesh pockets on the side and it even comes with collapsible silicone bowls for feeding. This travel system, and many similar models, can be found online; ranging from $30-$40.

Traveling with your pet can be stressful but having the proper items can make your trip easier and your pet more comfortable. What are some of your favorite travel items? To find out more information and join in on the conversation about pet travel check out our community forum

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