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This is your one-stop ticket for all your PCSing with Pets OCONUS information

Are you traveling with a pet to a new location overseas? If so, check out this OCONUS checklist down below to help get you prepared for your PCS move!

Feel free to print this web page and check off as you go.



Time to Fly

Flying can definitely be stressful, but it is even more stressful when you are trying to figure out how to fly with your pets. After all, they are family too. You cannot just leave them behind if there is a way to bring them with you!

Are you flying to catch an AMC flight in another state? If so, most commercial airlines offer a discount of up to 50% off pet travel fees to help get them to these airports. Refer to AMC’s Pet Policy. Along with that information, you can find all domestic and international airlines listed on their site, along with the corresponding pet policies.

If you are PCSing during the peak season, I strongly suggest that you apply right away for an AMC pet spot with DMO/Travel. Many airlines will no longer fly animals during the summer months due to their heat embargo. Most heat embargoes are the same, if the “forecasted temperature at the arrival, layover or departure airport is above 84°F (29°C) at any location on the itinerary (or above 75°F (24°C) for snub-nosed dogs and snub-nosed cats) the animal cannot fly in cargo.” On top of that, ESA’s are no longer allowed on any commercial flights, as well as the AMC flights. Service Dogs are the only authorized pets allowed, and proper documentation can be requested for proof of the service animal.

Hotels Abroad

I have always struggled in the past with finding pet-friendly hotels on other bases, let alone in other countries. Luckily we have found multiple hotels that are pet-friendly! If you know of any other pet-friendly hotels in other countries, let us know in the comments below!

If you are looking for pet-friendly hotels while traveling across the United States, then check out our CONUS page.

Hotels are located all around and on every base OCONUS, however, not every single one is pet friendly. With that being said, there is normally at least one hotel that allows pets. Some bases even have a boarding facility, or daycare facility, that you may use for your pet too.

A few boarding facilities:

Ship Your Pet

Pet Air Carrier offers $150 off discount for the first pet you ship with them. Then, if you have any additional pets to ship through them, they will take $50 off per pet.

Happy Tails Travel Inc specializes in military pet relocation. They are able to help anyone in any branch of the military bring their pet to their new home. They offer both animal freight and animal cargo options.

Continental Pet Relocation is another company that can help you relocate your pets to your new duty station. You can request a quote online from them, but be sure to include your PCS orders and they will apply a discount to your quote.

Action Pet Express has over 20 years of experience with transporting pets and can also help military families bring their pets with them to a new duty station overseas. The owner of Action Pet Express is a veteran from the Korean War and understands what it is like to move around with the military and your beloved pets. They have experience shipping pets to “Germany (Frankfurt, Ramstein, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart), Italy, UK (London, Manchester), Japan and Okinawa; but we are experienced with WHEREVER our troops go!” And an added tip from them: “Whenever possible, use a Military Veterinarian; it is much cheaper. ALWAYS get the APHIS 7001 international health cert along with necessary other certifications required by the country you are PCSing to! We also require a copy of your TRAVEL ORDERS.”

Sarah’s Pet Paradise Transport Services offers accompanied flights to and from Japan, along with unaccompanied cargo flights to Hawaii, Europe, USA, and Japan seven days a week 365 days a year.

Silver Birch Pet Jets UK is based in UK. They specialize in providing pet travel for US Military families. They will pick up and drop off pets as well as find flights, and assist with the documentation needed with customs.

Pender Air Pet Travel is based in DC area, but ships pets internationally. They will pick-up and drop-off pets. They also provide the specific crates needed, as well as assist with booking flights and the required paperwork.

What Your Airline Kennel MUST Include:

Airlines are quite picky about how an animal must be checked into cargo in their kennels. With that being said, make sure you have all of the following attached to your pets kennel or you could end up missing your flight.

Get Financial Help

Do you need help moving your pet to your next duty station? If you were not able to snag a pet spot on the AMC flight and need help financially then keep on reading.

There are many different grants that you can apply for to help relieve some of the stress that a PCS move with your pets creates. Be sure to check out our monthly giveaway of $500 towards helping with the cost of travel here (add link to web page).

Along with that contest, here are a few more places where you can find additional financial assistance resources:

Many military families are not aware that the DoD will reimburse up to $550 for mandatory quarantine countries.

SPCA International will help those who have to pay MORE than $750 to move their pet(s).


Dogs on Deployment will assist E-6 or below members who are PCSing. They also offer FREE or very low-cost vet care if approved from Dogs on Deployment. They are partnered with vets in California and Texas. These vets can help with getting pets ready for travel from applying for health certificates, to getting rabies, Bordetella vaccinations or heart worm, flea and tick medicine and more.